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[Dogs: Bullets&Carnage] Chapter 85 
20th-Jul-2013 01:06 am
H.M. and Hannibal
Ernst totally let his dog take over O_O That line on page 20, it clearly sounds like the original Ernst we know supplied all that info to the Ersnt we see now by means of an inner dialogue... And apparently, he's not blind when in dog mode... wow.

Vertical line: To the deepest levels of the Underground where Einsturzen is waiting!
Ernst: Well then, shall we come down?

Vertical line: They set out to settle their past.

Fuyumine Naoto
Was found on the verge of death and saved by Fuyumine who gave her a name and taught her the sword art. As a memento from him, has his sword, 'Dog biter'. Like Heine, a test subject born in the Underground.

Badou Nails
An informant addicted to nicotine. His elder brother, a journalist, was killed while investigating the secrets of the deepest levels; he himself lost the right eye at the time. His personality undergoes a complete change when he's cut off nicotine.

Heine Rammsteiner
A test subject, born in the Underground research facility. Has the first special armament spine cord 'Cerberos' embedded, which makes him stronger and faster than normal human and also nearly unkillable.

Mihai Mikhailov
A former extremely skilled pro hitman. After retiring, got involved and had to settle infighting within his former mafia family, and remains an arbitrator of sorts between mafia groups. Has no sense of direction whatsoever.

As long as we're linked by the collar, we remain dogs.

Zöllner Neubauten
The chief of the city administration. Has the 'Führer' embedded in him able to control all the Cerberos. Einstürzen's ex-collegue.

Bishop (Ernst Rammsteiner)
A pastor in the Underground districts. The first test subject for the 'Cerberos' and also the first 'lost number' - a failure.

Richter H Berthein
The one who killed Badou's brother. Able to manipulate people through hypnotism. By means of controlling Giovanni leads Heine and Badou to the deepest levels.

Giovanni Rammsteiner
Heine's sibling from the Rammsteiner series created to provide high compatibility to the 'Cerberos'.

Angelica Einstürzen
A mad scientist seeking the 'pure and potent existence' and dwelling in the deepest levels of the Underground, who ceaselessly conducts experiments.

'Tiny feather' winged girl who was saved by Heine.

Heine's sister. Died in an experiment.

Fuyumine Magato
Naoto's fellow disciple. Killed their mentor, Fuyumine.

Campanella Frühling
Naoto's nemesis. Formerly had the name 'Naoto'.

Twins who were born in the deepest levels of the Underground

In the middle of the city, there raises a tower of unknown purpose. Civilization is in the state of decline, the country is split up. All the records about other cities from before the division happened have been confiscated by the city government.
Using the chaos that spread in the wake of the attacks on the city underground districts, Giovanni made an attempt on the life of the city mayor, Neubauten, but instead was captured by him.
In the past, Neubauten was an eager researcher and a collegue of Einstürzen's, who went as far as embedding the 'Führer' - the original for the 'Cerberos' - into himself. Using the originated from his 'Führer' 'Cerberoses', he established the special mobile city defense force and had them launch an attack on the deepest levels.

Happened to come across the gathering place of a few mafia members with a grudge against Heine plotting their revenge.
On the pic: My, my. It really is you, after all. Didn't cops send you to jail?

Underground districts
There located the district where modified people, vestiges of the past bygone, live, and also Bishop's church. These districts repeatedly took damage from the dog soldiers who appeared from the depths, but the damage from the bombings, caused by the dog soldiers under Giovanni's control, remains the most devastative to date. Presently, communication with the surface by means of underground railways is stopped.
When the residents learned from Einstürzen, who appeared in their district, that the dog soldiers, who assaulted the city underground districts, were actually what the kidnapped children got turned into and Heine and those similar to him were 'Einstürzen's children', the hostility and distance came into being. In order to protect the residents of the underground district, Heine and the others head to the deepest levels to take the main villain, Einstürzen, down.

She only intended to ask Magato about the deepest levels, but the talk quickly escalated into a fight. With some difficulty, she won the fight, but in the meantime Heine and Badou left her behind, forcing her to go to Bishop and join up with him in order to go to the deepest levels.

They are headed to the deepest levels led by Berthein who is controlling Giovanni's body. On the way, they got assaulted by Luki&Noki, who went berserk after having been 'updated' by Einstürzen, but successfully repelled their attack. Luki escaped.

Deepest undergroung levels
On the levels lying even deeper than the Underground districts, there exists a military facility left from the times before the country split apart. Einstürzen uses it as her base for conducting human experiments for creating an unkillable soldier on the children, both human and modified human, she kidnaps from the Underground districts. In the process of her experiments Heine with his siblings and the Cerberos, as well as Naoto were born.
On the pic: The intruding members of the special mobile city defense force fighting dog soldiers who protect the deepest levels.

Ernst: Well, let's get moving, shall we. You came here for this purpose, didn't you?
Naoto: Yes, precisely. I'm going.

Naoto: Youra-kun, take care of Nill for a while, OK?
Youra: Yeah. You be careful, too, Naoto-san. I got a weird vibe from him...
Naoto: I know. But for now, I'm going with him.

Gio!Berthein: Well, we're here. Get in... but first, what's wrong?
Heine: ...I searched high and low, but in the end, it's an elevator, huh?
Gio!Berthein: Hah. You didn't really search seriously, though.
Heine: By the way, Badou-san. What are you doing, pray tell?
Badou: Eh? Well, I just thought it'd be kinda bad to just abandon her at a place like that? The hell you giving me those looks?!
Heine: I had my suspicions... that you might be into that sorta stuff...
Badou: I'm so not!!! Screw you!!!

Badou: It's just that these psycho girls came from somewhere around here, right? So I'm gonna return 'em and give an earful to their guardian.
Heine: Oh, really. Well, do whatever you want.
Gio!Berthein: Enough with chitchat, get in already.

Gio!Berthein: What's wrong this time?
Heine: Nothing. (Sorry. But this is my burden to carry)

Liza: Come in.

Badou: Eeeeh? Whoa, what's that? Is this the place my brother searched...?

Badou: What... ...the...

Badou: ...hell...
Heine: I'm home, 'König'.

Gio!Berthein: Haha. What a sight. Feels like we missed a festival. For you and Giovanni-kun this scene probably brings back memories, no? Well, let's get going.

Ernst: I see. So Heine-kun left you behind. I feel for you.
Naoto: You know how to get to our destination?
Ernst: More or less. The tunnel where that unusual underground train passed the other day. The entrance should be in the deepest part of the junction maze ahead of it.

Ernst: But no idea how to get farther than that, I'm told... Well, no biggie. There're ways.
Naoto: Then why didn't you tell it to him...? Pastor.
Ernst: What is it?
Naoto: You can see right now?
Ernst: We'll talk about it later. Right now, we're in a hurry.

Naoto: That girl...

Luki: Aaaa...

Luki: AAAA!

Ernst: Haha. Popular folks have it busy, heh, Naoto-hime.
Vertical line: What will Naoto do under the attack of a delusional Luki?!

Вертикально: На нижние уровни, где их поджидает Айнштюрцен!
Эрнст: Ну что ж. В путь?

Надпись: Они пускаются в путь покончить со своим прошлым.

Эрнст: Идем вниз, что ли? /Ведь ты здесь именно за этим, не так ли?
Наото: Верно. Туда я и хочу попасть.

Наото: Ёра-кун, позаботься о Нилл, пока нас не будет.
Ёра: А то. Но вы там тоже острожно, Наото-сан. Как-то странно он себя ведет...
Наото: Я заметила. Но на данный момент я все равно пойду с ним.

Джио!Бертхайн: Ну, вот мы и на месте. Заходите, что ли... Так, у тебя все в порядке?
Хайне: Да просто подумалось: я ж все закоулки излазил, пытаясь найти этот чертов вход на нижние уровни, а тут на тебе - даже лифт туда имеется.
Джио!Бертхайн: Ну, это ты преувеличиваешь - ведь ты не искал всерьез.
Хайне: Кстати, Бадо-сан, у меня к тебе вопрос накопился. Ты какого эту девчонку с собой волочишь?
Бадо: А? Ну, я просто подумал, что нехорошо будет ее просто взять и бросить там одну, вот и... Чё вы на меня так смотрите?!
Хайне: А ведь я подозревал... что у тебя весьма... специфические пристрастия...
Бадо: Нифига!!! Идите вы оба с вашими предположениями знаете куда?!!

Бадо: Просто эти чокнутые девочки ведь откуда-то из этих мест, так? Вот я и хотел вернуть эту и заодно высказать их опекуну все, что я о них думаю.
Хайне: А, вот как. Ну, удачи тогда.
Джио!Бертхайн: Может, закончим с пустыми разговорами и зайдем в лифт уже?

Джио!Бертхайн: Что не так на этот раз?
Хайне: Ничего. (мысли)Прости. Но это мой "багаж", мне с ним и разбираться.

Лиза: Заходи. Не на улице ж тебя оставлять.

Бадо: М-да-а-а-а... Ой ё, что за хрень? Это и есть то самое место, которое искал мой брат?...

Бадо: Что за... черт...

Хейне: Йо. Вот я и вернулся домой, "Кёниг".

Джио!Бертхайн: Ха-ха. Прелестная сцена. Чувство такое, словно мы на какой-то праздник опоздали. Держу пари, для тебя и Джованни сия картина полна ностальгии, верно? Впрочем, ладно, давайте двигаться вперед.

Эрнст: Ясненько. Значит, Хайне-кун с собой тебя все-таки не взял. Искренне тебе сочувствую.
Наото: Вы имеете представление, как нам попасть на нижние уровни?
Эрнст: В какой-то степени. Сейчас нам надо в туннель подземки, из которого появился тот странный бронепоезд не так давно. Вход в подземелье должен быть спрятан где-то в глубине лабиринта путей и тупиков как раз за ним.

Эрнст: А вот как там дальше - неизвестно, как мне сказали. Ну, там увидим - невелика проблема, в конце концов.
Наото: Если вы все это знали, то почему же утаили от него?... Пастор.
Эрнст: Да?
Наото: В данный момент... вы зрячий?
Эрнст: Об этом мы поговорим потом. А пока что давай поторопимся.

Наото: Эта девочка...

Луки: А! А-А-А!

Луки: A-A-A!

Эрнст: Ха-ха. У популярных личностей нет ни минуты покая, не так ли, Наото-химе?
Вертикально: Что Наото противопоставит напавшей на нее под влиянием галлюцинаций Луки?!
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