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[Dogs: Bullets&Carnage] Chapter 81 
9th-Apr-2013 02:59 pm
Heine Rammsteiner01

Vertical: Giovanni feels off to them...
Heine: Who the hell are you?

Carsellino: Who are you people?
OldMan: We're the same as you.

Carsellino: Huh? Aren't you the owner of that 'Carnival'?! Melvin, was it?! Melvin Scrooge, right?!
Man: I'm his little brother. We ain't no damn twins, tell us apart, goddammit. I'm sick and tired of everybody mistaking me for him. Oh well, I'll be the exposition fairy for a bit today. We heard about you guys from him.
OldMan: Those two put you through some real hard times as well, right? I, too, have some scores to settle with Eyepatch.
Carsellino: I thought so! You're Bordune, from the Domino family. You're supposed to be the boss of a top family, so how did you end up here..? Ah, wait, now that I think about it, I recall you were a frequent visitor at my S&M club...
Bordune: Ah. W-Well, I suppose I should thank you for the good times back then.

Dominico: So? What exactly is this gathering?
Guy: Well, a meeting of victims sounds about right, I guess? Not that I know Eyepatch or Bleach haired punk personally. I'm here cause I got a favor to return to the bitch that follows them around.
Dominico: The hell is this? Unofficial session to lick each other wounds or something?
Bordune: Fuhaha. Yes, let it be it. Let's enjoy making appetizer out of their heads.

Bordune: All of us present here should join forces and crash them without mercy. Let's put them through the same - no, through manyfold worse humiliation than what we suffered at their hands! Let's show them...

Bordune:Let's show real Hell on Earth!!! Wait... WHAAA?!
Mihai: My, my. It really is you, after all. Didn't cops send you to a jail?

Mihai: Ah, I know. You probably made a break for it in all that confusion with the bombings, right? And not just that. I see you also shamelessly went around and gathered all these guys here together, huh. And at a troublesome time like this, too... Though, no, scratch that. I'm actually relieved that it's been so quiet. Really.

Gio: This is the elevator entrance.

Heine: Giovanni never calls the old hag 'Mama'. It's always 'kaa-sama' to him.
Gio: Ha!

Gio: Well, you got me. Figures that you know things like that about this boy. Splendid, Heine Rammsteiner! As I thought, there's no fooling you, eh. A performance hastily thrown together just won't cut it with you.
Heine: No, that's not the problem. It's just that there's too much of yourself in your performance even when you act other people's roles.

Gio: Ah well, I had a sneaking suspicion...

Badou: So it's really you! Richter H. Berthein!

Herbst!Gio: What a surprise, Badou-kun. And no, I'm not talking about the fact that you're still alive. You would've been safe in that hospital, no matter what might've happened, you know? I even took pains to come up with a good pretext for you to stay there. Why did you have to go and leave?
Badou: Truth be told, I'm deeaply regretting leaving, I really am.
Heine: Badou. Who the hell is he?
Badou: Hnnnnn, well. I'm not too sure myself, so... Why don't you tell us?

Badou: We know for sure that this isn't your body, so the question is where's the real you? You're using the same dastardly trick you used in the theater, aren't you?
Herbst!Gio: So mean of you to call it a dastardly trick! But, lucky you, Badou-kun. Yes, as you've guessed, the real me is nearby. If I'm too far away, I can't pull a move like this, you see. So if you want to finish me off that badly, you're welcome to come and have at me. Just keep in mind that killing someone like me isn't worth much.
Badou: Whaccha trying to pull, you fucker?!
Herbst!Gio: Now then, Heine-kun.

Herbst!Gio: Let me introduce myself properly. Richter Herbst Berthein, at your service. I beg your pardon for appearing before you in a borrowed body. Just like you, I'm one of those who ascended from the 'depths'. And I'm something like your senpai. Due to certain circumstances, I parted ways with Einsturzen and now I have Giovanni-kun assist me.
Heine: Is he helping you out of his own free will?
Herbst!Gio: Yes, of course.

Herbst!Gio: Deep inside his heart he seeks salvation, you see. Besides, he has no time left.
Heine: What's your objective?
Herbst!Gio: It's the same as yours. Freedom and revenge. Badou-kun, as for you... if you want to meet the real me, it's in your best interests to tag along.

Badou: Heine-kun, it's a trap, isn't it?
Heine: Yup, a 1000% trap. We can trust to nothing he says. But I'm sticking with him for now. What about you?

Herbst!Gio: Let's go, shall we?
Vertical: What are Berthein's intentions?!
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