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[Dogs: Bullets&Carnage] Chapter 78 
19th-Dec-2012 11:13 am
H.M. and Hannibal
I have a feeling there might be a page missing in the raw. Not that it should matter, text-wise.

Vertical line: Bloody battle is imminent.

Gio: You look awful, you know.

Gio: Have you made up your mind about where you're gonna go from here? Finally got rid of your 'burden'?

Heine: What's with that outfit, Giovanni?
Gio: Argh, don't ask. They had nothing better for the moment, so...

Badou: Giovanni, you said...?
Gio: Oh, nice to meet you, Badou Nails! I'm Giovanni Rammsteiner! Well, aren't you lucky! As you might've already gathered from seeing this outfit of mine, I'm not gonna fight you right now. I decided to put some distance between kaa-sama and myself for a while.
Heine: I see.

Luki/Noki: Dark... Hurts... Cold...

Luki/Noki: Painful... Agonizing... Nauseous... Hurts... Sleepy... Dark... Sad... Noisy... Hurts... Noisy... Cold... We're hungry.

Magato: How about we fight with knives? It'll be so nostalgic!

Naoto: You had the sword back then, though.
Magato: Oh, really? Don't seem to-- --recall!

Magato: OK, lemme ask something first. Back in the church, you were overwhelmed and controlled by something other than your own mind. What did you feel when running rampant to your heart's content?
Naoto: What did I feel...?
Magato: You had to feel something! Like, it felt good, or fun, or something like that?
Naoto: Don't lump me together with the likes of yourself!
Magato: Oh, come on! There had to be something! And shitload of it, I must add!

Magato: Alright, then what about that guy? When you stabbed that bleached hair with your sword, did it do something for you?
Naoto: What do you mean?
Magato: I mean did it get you wet?

Naoto: What on earth are you spewing, you damn rotten seaweed?!
Magato: Don't get shy on me! Haha! That was dangerous just now, by the way! Oh and... what the heck is 'rotten seaweed' anyway? Is it because of my hair style? Is it? You don't like it?

Magato: Ah, this? I see you remember, eh? The scar from the wound you bestowed me with. Now look here. See the new wound criss-crossing it? This one was given to me by that bleach hair a few days ago.

Magato: Geez, when it comes to the two of you, you even mess with people's bodies in the same places, eh...
Naoto: Are you still getting the wrong idea...? Agh, this conversation is turning weird again...
Magato: Naoto, I'm gonna ask you once more. What did you feel?
Naoto: I told you--

Magato: Listen, Naoto. That hag will sure as hell try to slithe into the creaks in your heart. So don't forget the name he gave you - 'Naoto', 'a straight blade'. You're the most interesting when you try to be straightforward and honest by not being straightforward and honest, you see. That's why I wanna cut into you so badly.

Naoto: Then... That woman, Fruhling, cast away her name because she forgot that?
Magato: Yeah. I'll tell you her little story.

Luki/Noki: We're hungry.

Vertical line: What's the next target of the monsters from the Underground?!
19th-Dec-2012 10:29 pm (UTC)
Hey! Sorry I missed the last chapter, my project killed me. ^^; I'm happy to do the proof read this time, if you'd like? If you don't need it though, that's good too. xD
21st-Dec-2012 09:17 am (UTC)
Thank you! I'll be super happy if you could take a look at it! *pm'ed you the link*
20th-Dec-2012 04:20 pm (UTC)
Спасибо за перевод! :3
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